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Dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot? Train with Australia's best instructors and obtain your commercial or private helicopter licence or advance your qualifications.

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Become a Helicopter Pilot with Aeropower

We provide high quality, professional flight training programmes supporting not only the greater business’ skilling needs, but also those of the Australian and South-East Asian rotary-wing industry.

Aeropower has a strong focus on standards and aims to ensure that a safe, high quality and consistent training programme is delivered by instructors across all phases of training, in line with the high professional standards of our industry. 

Vet fee loans are available on both full-time and part-time courses
Two Course Intakes Per Month
Part-Time & Full-Time Study
From $80,275.07

Duration: 6 months full-time, and up to 24 months part-time

Book a Helicopter Trial Flight With Us

Whether you’re after a rewarding career or maybe you have always wondered what it is like to fly a helicopter, a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is the first step.  A TIF allows you to test run Aeropower as a training provider and it gives us a chance to see how you will fit into our training culture and student mix.

The post-flight debriefing will cover any questions that you have and provide an opportunity to book your next lesson. Your instructor can also complete the flight entry in your logbook if you have one.

The flight lasts for approximately 30 minutes from engine start to shutdown and the flight time is counted towards either your private or commercial helicopter licence. 

Only $299.00
First-Time Fliers

Complete HFR, Endorsements, Ratings, and Check Flights With Us

In addition to our CPL and PPL programmes, we offer a wide range of ratings and endorsements for experienced pilots, including:

  • Low-level rating and flight review
  • External sling load endorsement
  • Night VFR rating
  • Gas turbine engine endorsement
  • Helicopter flight reviews

Some of these ratings and endorsements are not nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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Helicopter Pilots


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